A Piece of the Puzzle

A Step Up – Sober Living is a non-medical, non-clinical recovery house designed to inspire individuals struggling with substance abuse and reentry into the world,  post-incarceration or long term rehab.  We offer a low cost supportive living environment designed to give “a step up” and a second chance.

Using education, peer and staff support, accountability, and a structured sober living environment we hope to help guide our residents through some of the challenges they may face when starting their lives over again. Because sometimes…. all it takes is someone who cares.


Everyone deserves a place to call Home

When you enter “A Step Up” you are entering a community where your past is your past. We don’t care who you were… We only know who you are today, and who you will become tomorrow. A place where everyone is struggling with the same things and we help each other through them. A safe place… A home.

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“I finally found a place where I could breath and get my bearings.  A Step Up was just what I needed”


“I had no where to go and no idea how to get back on my feet again.  Staying in sober living gave me the time I needed to put my life together again”

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Resident Managers

Our house is staffed with several Resident Managers who at some point in their life have all been in your shoes.  They understand the difficulties you face because they have faced them too.  Our staff is here to support you in your recovery and help you to learn how to take it with you when you are ready to leave