The costs are our program are limited to Fees covering the bed that you occupy.  You will be sharing a room with a roommate.  A major factor in addiction & recovery is level of isolation.  The tendency to withdraw from life while we work things through or by the same token, the loneliness from lost friendships and family relationships can wreak havoc with our continued success.  We are a Peer to Peer Community to give the needed support early on in your reentry process.  By sharing a room with another person in recovery it makes it less likely that you will fall victim to that isolation and loneliness.  It has proven to help foster a better sense of community and worth.  All of our rooms contain two beds.  Each resident will have their own bed, bureau, and storage space.


Upon admission to the house you are charge a $75.00 fee which covers the first partial week of your stay and any associated administrative costs.  You will also be expected to submit payment for your first week.

                    Room Costs at “A Step Up” are:

                                     $145.00 per week for a double occupancy room

                                   $190.00 per week for a senior resident private room

                                                         (These rooms are limited and are usually occupied by staff)


Monies are due every Friday to cover the week ahead.  There are no other fees or costs associated with your stay at “A Step Up-Sober Living.  Failure to maintain your financial obligations will unfortunately result in your discharge from the house.