Top 10 Most Asked Questions about Sober Living

If you are considering Sober Living as the next step in your recovery, then you most likely have a lot of questions.  Please give us a call anytime and we will answer them for you.  Here are a few of the questions we get most often.

  1. How long do I have to stay in sober living?

    The short answer is “as long as you need to”.  Some residents have legal requirements to follow, while others have nothing but their own needs to consider.

    Most people stay a few months, using the sober living home as a stepping stone between rehab/jail and independent living.  However, some may stay longer depending on their circumstances.  As long as you are doing well and keeping up with the requirements, we have no limit on the length of your stay with us.

  2. Are there a lot of Rules?

    Every Sober Living facility has rules that need to be followed.  You can find a full list of our requirements under the “Our Rules” page on this site.

  3. Is it really expensive?  Will insurance pay for it?

    Sober Living is designed to be affordable.  You can see our pricing under the page labeled “Our Costs”.

    Because Sober Living isn’t a medical program insurance will not cover the costs.  It is a community living – peer to peer support model.  Much like a college dormitory. 

  4. Can I have a job and a vehicle ?

    Absolutely!  In fact employment is not only encouraged it is a requirement at our house.  We want you to establish yourself to be ready for independent living.

  5. Can I have visitors?

    Due to the nature and size of our building we limit access to outside visitors, but we do have a Visitor Room where people can come in to see you.  Our Visitor policy is written under Our Rules and you can see it in full there.  We encourage family support and visitations, we just limit it to the main level of the building for everyone’s safety and privacy.

  6. Will I be drug tested?

    Yes,  Accountability is key to recovery.  We do random testing regularly.

  7. Are cell phones and computers allowed?

    Yes.  and we offer free wifi throughout the property

  8. Do I have to have a roommate?

    Yes.  All of our rooms are designed for two people to share the space.  This is a community of peer to peer support.  Isolation is not the answer for stable sobriety.  Roommates are assigned randomly depending on bed availability.

  9. Are meals provided?

    No.  Our residents are expected to purchase and prepare their own food for meals.  We do however provide all cooking utensils, dishware, silverware etc.

    Our building offers two full size kitchens/dining rooms. and also several smaller kitchenettes.

  10. What do I need to bring with me?

    You should only bring personal possessions that you will need during your stay with us.  Our rooms are fully furnished including bedding.